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Hootcoin™ Protocol Network - Decentralized Uncensorable livestreaming and distributed computing powered by Blockchain smart contracts

Open Sourced Network allowing anyone to rent their unused Network traffic and CPU/GPU cycles, while providing a secure connection for those in need. The worlds first IPCN - Interplanetary compute network


Hoot foundation is developing Hootcoin™ Network – an Open source software, powering a Decentralized Network of livestreaming and compute Nodes exchanging value using blockchain smart contracts.

Hootcoin™ Network acts as a marketplace, its Open Source software allows anyone to join the network both as a provider – selling unused network traffic, cpu/gpu cycles or as a customer – buying livestreaming and cpu/gpu compute service from other Hootcoin Network providers. Hootcoin Network is based on a complex architecture revolving around P2P, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, State Channels, etc.. Read our WHITEPAPER for a detailed description on how the protocol will enable the creation of completely decentralized livestreaming and computing network, powered by decentralized cryptocurrency micropayments.

Centralized vs Decentralized


  • Focus on Shareholder benefit
  • Your private data in one hands
  • Simplified access to your data for third parties
  • High profit margins
  • Heavily censored

Hoot Decentralized distributed computing and livestreaming network

  • Focus on Network participant benefits
  • Your Private data is Decentralized
  • Restricted access of your data for third parties
  • Perfect competition sets fair price
  • Uncensorable as distributed and over onion tor, ipfs network
  • a dense Byzantine fault tolerant peer-to-peer network - creating the worlds first IPCN - Interplatenary compute network



Infinitely Scalable, built using P2P architecture. Without single point of failure – no central company or server.

Open Source

All source code is always visible, empowering contributions and 100% transparency.

Designed for encryption, security privacy

Powerful encryption, Node Reputation, Layered Protection Protocols, etc.. All working to help you safely and privately participate in the secure Network.

Global livestreaming market

Hoot video platform, plugins and video AppStore

IPCN: Interplanetary compute network

Hoot tokens - Hootcoin™

Decentralized hoot nodes will earn crypto-token incentives HOOT Coins

Hootcoin™ Token Sale ฿

The decentralized hoot nodes in the hoot live network will earn crypto-token incentives HOOT Coins for contributing their processing power and bandwidth in the service of encoding and distributing video using the Hoot Live virtual machine through the network, and for participating in the hoot security protocol, much like miners in Bitcoin and Ethereum earn token for mining the cryptocurrency in exchange for breaking complex math puzzles.

  • live over tor to stream in all countries where facebook live and twitter are banned
  • earn hoot tokens for hosting hoot servers powered hoot live virtual machines
  • Earn hoot tokens for streaming live video from your fans who gift you hoot tokens
  • decentralized censor free messages over whisper signal protocol end to end encrypted
  • store files and meta data over ipfs
  • Run over the Onion routed anonymous cloud to get Zero knowledge livestreaming, computing and networking

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